This actually started as a sketch of my 5 main ocs. Somehow that fell through and only my two favorites, Bluessia and Sprinkles, remained.


So I made this for suparsprinkles. This is of our fursonas being totally fuckin’ rad. u v u

My god. This is literally the best thing I have ever seen in all of my life xD

That gif. ohmygawd the colors. This is fabulous. Like hella B) Accurate representation of friendship.~

I want that Sprinkles in transparent like your blog omg

Dude, bro. Like. I love this a lot. I want to put this on my wall because it is so amazing and I’m sad gifs don’t work on walls. xD

It was a pretty good day today u v u Despite having had a bad week last week, this week’s looking a lot better.

Got to see and hang out with my best friend today. We played pokemon, she gave me a code for the new Smash game Demo and we had a hella lot of fun with that. Also applied for a job at Party City today! Progress in the social ladder! I bought the 8th volume of No. 6 as well and just- yes. Good day.

Hopefully tomorrow can be as good of a day as today was u v u

meh. did a quick bluessia pup

meh. did a quick bluessia pup

I have no idea why I did this.
I really enjoyed being in Bird School with Anghel, okay? >u>

I have no idea why I did this.

I really enjoyed being in Bird School with Anghel, okay? >u>

why did i finish hatoful boyfriend so quickly.


that was literally the greatest thing ever and i killed it in 3 days.

Last night for her birthday, Liz asked me that I draw our ocs, Fennic and Lyle :p I weaseled in Fox and Bluessia while I was at it u v u

Finally! After all the stress, I finally finished The Blade of Ahrah u v u

I’m actually quite happy with my result too, putting in consideration this was really my first time using the method I did to make something such as this. 

I’m just happy to finally have this finished ; v ;

Decided to get on my Animal Crossing: New Leaf game for the first time in 7 months to check on my villagers. Luckily, I didn’t lose Marshal, Julian or Colton u v u I lost a bird, whose name I forget, but it’s k.

Point of the post.

The one time I decide to get on it in a long time:

I have the falling curse. 

I have never laughed so much before to see that stupid villager of mine fall on his face.

Ahrah is sanded and soon to be primered!
Featuring my lovely Fidget (made by DaphinaCreations) who came in the mail today u v u